Sika® Pyroplast® Wood T with topcoat Sika® Pyroplast® Wood Top T New

Water based fire protective coating system for wood, interior use

Sika® Pyroplast® Wood T is an ecological and efficient water based, transparent fire protection coating which forms a carbon char under the effect of heat. Sika® Pyroplast® Wood T is thoroughly tested to provide spread-of-flame protection and delays the inflammation of interior natural wood  and wood derivates. Sika® Pyroplast® Wood T emphasizes the interior design of timber structures in keeping an attractive option to architects, builders and end-users.

  • Ecological and efficient water based coating
  • VOC Sika® Pyroplast® Wood T < 40 g/l
  • Free of aromatic solvents
  • Low material consumption
  • Simple application
  • No additional statical load of coating