Sika® Unitherm® Top S

Solvent based PVC-AY topcoat for fire protection coatings on structural steel

Sika® Unitherm® Top S (RAL colour shades) and Sika® Unitherm® Top S EG (DB colour shades) are high build single pack topcoats specially designed for Sika® Unitherm® and Sika® Pyroplast® intumescent fire protection systems against humidity and mechanical strain. Sika® Unitherm® Top S /Sika® Unitherm® Top S EG has no impact on the formation of the heat insulating foam of the intumescent coatings.

  • No impact on the foaming reaction of intumescent coatings
  • Applicable on all Sika® Unitherm® and Sika® Pyroplast® intumescent coating systems for steel
  • Meets Type X classification (i.e. exterior conditions) as part of the coating system
  • Simple application, does not increase static load
  • Individual coloration possible with corresponding topcoat, various colour shades in RAL, others available