Sika® Unitherm®-120 Steel W New

Water based fire protection coating system for steel, interior use

Sika® Unitherm®-120 Steel W New is an ecological, efficient, very fast drying and tough water based fire protection coating for interior structural steel work. Sika® Unitherm®-120 Steel W New is forming a heat insulating layer under the influence of fire and improves the fire resistance of steel parts.

  • Ecological and efficient water based coating
  • Fast drying
  • VOC < 5 g/l
  • Free of halogens and aromatic solvents
  • Meets Type Z1 classification (i.e. internal conditions includes temperatures till + 5°C and high humidity) with topcoat
  • Complies with the high quality requirements
    (level 4) of DGNB
  • Preserves the appearance of a steel construction
  • Applicable to filigree steel structures and complex steel building elements
  • Simple application, does not increase static load
  • Individual coloration possible with corresponding topcoat, various colour shades in RAL, DB, others available