SikaCor®-6630 M

High-build coating for steel and galvanized masts and pylons

Low solvent containing coating material based on a synthetic resin combination binder with active pigments and micaceous iron oxide fillers. Low solvent content according to Protective Coatings Directive of German Paint Industry Association (VdL-RL 04).

  • High film thickness per application, economical
  • Good wetting ability resulting in good adhesion to metal surfaces and old coatings
  • Good covering of edges, no additional stripe coats necessary
  • Highly resistant to chalking, colour fast
  • Does not become brittle
  • Can be overcoated after long waiting times
  • The scaly micaceous iron oxide fillers and corrosion protection pigments provide high diffusion resistance resulting in excellent resistance to weather and aggressive industrial atmosphere
  • Resistant to rain and dew after few hours