SikaCor® EG System Rapid Plus

Fast curing, economical corrosion protection system for heavy duty corrosion protection

SikaCor® EG System Rapid Plus is a combination of 2-pack priming- and intermediate coats based on fast curing epoxy resin and accelerated polyurethane top coats with high weather resistance.
  SikaCor® Zinc R Rapid Plus 2-pack high solid, very fast curing curing zinc-rich primer based on epoxy resin.
In a layer thickness of ~20 µm SikaCor® Zinc R Rapid Plus can also be used as a weldable shop primer.
  SikaCor® EG Phosphat Rapid  2-pack high solid, very fast curing primer based on epoxy resin containing zinc-phosphate as an active anti-corrosion pigment.
SikaCor® EG-1 Rapid Plus 2-pack high solid, very fast curing intermediate coat based on an epoxy resin containing micaceous iron oxide.
SikaCor® EG-4 (accelerated) and SikaCor® EG-5 (accelerated) 2-pack solvent based acrylic-polyurethane top coats.
By adding 1% b.w. SikaCor® PUR Accelerator (see product data sheet for more information) a faster touch-drying and full curing will be achieved.

SikaCor® Zinc R Rapid Plus, SikaCor® EG Phosphat Rapid and SikaCor® EG-1 Rapid Plus have low solvent content referring to Protective Coatings Directive of German Paint Industry Association (VdL-RL 04).  

  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • Low consumption per square meter
  • Applicable at low temperatures
  • Very fast initial drying and full hardening
  • Up to 3 layers per day
  • Direct to steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, zinc spraying, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Tough elastic and dense but not brittle
  • Abrasion resistant, insensitive against shock and impact