Sika® Permacor®-2107 HS

Hot spray epoxy coating, 100 % volume solids

Sika® Permacor®-2107 HS is a 2-pack epoxy coating with 100 % volume solids and applied with 2-pack hot-spray equipment. The coating has high physical strength, with good abrasion and impact resistance. Solvent free according to Protective Coatings Directive of German Paint Industry Association (VdL-RL 04).

  • Excellent resistance to water, sewage and the spillage of a wide range of chemicals, flammable and non-flammable liquids
  • Resistant to root damage and microbial degrade
  • Resistant to biogas and natural gases - consequently no softening of the coating when buried
  • Very good adhesion to steel surfaces
  • Particularly economic to use, owing to its single-coat application
  • Excellent long term service record